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Wuhan Novel Coronavirus

Wuhan novel coronavirus (WN-CoV) is a new respiratory illness that has not previously been seen in humans.

The risk of getting the illness in the UK is low.

If you have travelled to Wuhan City in China in the last 2 weeks and feel unwell, call NHS 111 for advice and stay indoors.

Do not go straight to a doctor's surgery or hospital.

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Flu Campaign 2018/19andrea

Our mission this year was to change and mix up the way we promote and hold our flu clinics.  We wanted to do more of a variety of clinics for our patients to maximise the uptake.

One of the ideas was to hold an Open Access Children’s Flu Clinic, where parents could bring their children for their immunisation without the need for an appointment. We chose a date during the half term week hoping this would be an easier time for parents to bring their children as parents may have already booked time off work due to the school break.

We wanted to make the event fun for children and not a normal trip to the surgery. All staff were asked to get involved and to dress up in Fancy Dress to make it an entertaining occasion. It was also advertised as optional fancy dress for the children and many turned up dressed to impress!  Staff made cakes and treats were handed out to the children when they arrived. We also held a colouring competition which kept children engaged in something else while waiting for their appointment. The whole event was about enjoyment and not a daunting, anxious wait for parents and the children. No tears were seen during the event which is normally very usual in a surgery.

Monetary donations were accepted from patients which will be given to a local children’s charity. 

The event has proved to be a hit and is something we are aiming to replicate next year.

The next of our ‘out of the ordinary’ flu clinic is to hold an open evening for working patients. This is for our patients who have found it difficult to attend for their flu immunisation during our usual opening hours. Although there will be no fancy dress and cakes for this event – we hope it will prove very popular to our patients.

fancy dress

Look to the experts when it comes to Eyes

Opticians across West Wales have thrown their weight behind a new campaign to help stop people heading straight to A&E when they have sudden eye problems.

The Choose Wise if You Hurt Your Eyes initiative is highlighting the free expert eye advice and treatment available on our high streets.

The Welsh Government drive encourages people to visit opticians to access acute eye care rather than going to a GP or hospital.

New eye symptoms can be associated with vision threatening disease and unless detected then treated early may lead to permanent damage.

Symptoms requiring urgent assessment include sudden onset of a red or uncomfortable eye, a foreign body in eye, sight problems that start quickly, seeing flashes or new floaters in vision.

Optometrists will provide an expert examination and advice on eye problems that need urgent attention and will advise on the best way to treat them. There is no charge for the appointment and the optometrist will see you within 24 hours and many optometry practices are open on Saturdays.

Research has revealed that patients are often unaware of the full range of healthcare services available to them and end up visiting and emergency department or calling 999 for an ambulance when actually an optometrist could be the best place for them to go.

The nationwide Choose Well campaign aims at helping members of the public decide where to go to get the best and most appropriate medical attention when they are unwell.

This in turn should allow busy NHS services to help the people who need them most.

Things like a simple eye injury picked up during a sports match or specks of dust or debris that have got in eyes while gardening or DIY could all be checked at the opticians.

This campaign is being supported by the Welsh Government, Optometry Wales, the RNIB, Public Health Wales, Community Pharmacy Wales, Health Boards and other health organisations.

To find an optometry practice in the Hywel Dda area providing the urgent assessment service go to the Eye Care Wales website at:

Warfarin Prescribing / INR Update

We recently wrote to patients on Warfarin therapy regarding work which we have been undertaking with Prince Philip Hospital to review the care of all patients receiving Warfarin therapy.

Following a meeting with the Dyfed Powys Local Medical Committee, the Health Board, other Llanelli practices and the Warfarin Clinic; the practice is reassured with the procedures now in place, and information we have received from the clinic, and we are therefore happy to continue to supply our patients with their prescription for Warfarin.

The practice will continue to require patients to provide us with their Anticoagulant Therapy Record (Warfarin card) and the clinic will be confirming this to patients independently. We regret any distress which patients may have experienced during this period of uncertainty over obtaining medication but trust that you will be reassured by our best efforts to ensure we work with the clinic to provide a safe and effective service.

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