Medical Training & Students

Llwynhendy Health Centre is proud to be a Training Practice and this page gives a little insite into the Training we offer at Llwynhendy Health Centre.

FY2 GP Training - Foundation Year 2 Doctors

This is a scheme whereby newly qualified Doctors move onto a programme structure of diagnosis and management of patients not simply in hospitals but also in general practice. These Doctors have had at least 12 months of experience in hospital medicine after qualifying before they come to general practice.

FY2 Doctors are placed with a Practice for 4 months and will have their own surgery where they see patients. They are supervised by our GP Trainer Dr A Robin Aston during their experience of working in general practice within Llwynhendy Health Centre.

Are FY2 doctors qualified/registered?

FY2 doctors are fully qualified and GMC registered. They can see patients independently but they are under the supervision of our Clinical Supervisor GP Dr A Robin Aston. The Clinical Supervisor GP has to undertake further accredited training.

What are the benefits of this?

The Foundation programme exposes all doctors of the future to general practice; it is a unique opportunity to show what work we do; how much we do and what primary care has to offer patients and the workforce.

Having FY2 doctors in the practice acts as a stimulus for the whole practice in terms of developing skills, and learning together.

It is fun and stimulating, and helps keep the whole Practice Team up to date.

Video Consultations

There may be times when the Training Doctor will be videoing consultations for their learning.
This is a powerful tool in developing effective communication skills and is viewed by their trainer alongside the training doctor and remains completely confidential. We will always ask you to sign your permission beforehand and then again after the consultation. You will be given the choice to decline this offer, and your decision will be fully respected and will in no way affect the care you are given.

Medical Students

We undertake a programme of teaching medical students and express our thanks to all our patients and staff for their co-operation in this process.

A strict protocol is followed and the receptionist will inform a patient that a medical student will be present and ask for their consent.

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